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Our plan of revenue sharing is very simple and gives you the opportunity to earn commissions on all products of Affiliates Reward. Each of our affiliates boosts their own traffic. The greater the amount of traffic you send, the higher the commissions. Affiliates Reward offers the best payout percentages, Registration payments and Affiliates Reward referrals. Remember that your winnings will increase as traffic increases, an effective optimization campaign will make you achieve the goals you set. See the following tables of comissions.

RS commissions

With the Revenue Sharing Model (Profit sharing) we will share gains. A percentage of the money deposited by your players will directly go to your account. Gain in terms of money wagered by your players. This model seems to work best for thematic portals and websites gambling and any other portal that provide "hard" players.

Table of RS Commissions Signups per month
1 - 20 NDCs
21 - 50 NDCs
more than 50 NDCs
Club7 Casino 30% 35% 40%

CPA commissions

The CPA (Cost Per Action) model is probably, in terms of cost, the most effective way to increase revenue with minimal risk. A fixed payment for every new player referred. No more worries.

Table of CPA commissions Signups per month
1 - 10 signups
11 - 20 signups
21 - 40 signups
more than 41 signups
Club7 Casino 50,00 $/sign-up 75,00 $/sign-up 100,00 $/sign-up 150,00 $/sign-up
Club7 Casino Mobile 50,00 $/sign-up 75,00 $/sign-up 100,00 $/sign-up 150,00 $/sign-up

CPA + RS commissions

If you are not sure which model you choose you can also use our CPA + RS mixed model. A high fixed payment + a percentage of profits than they have spent your players.

Table of CPA+RS commissions Signups per month
1 - 10 signups
11 - 20 signups
21 - 40 signups
more than 41 signups
Club7 Casino 40.00 $/sign-up 65.00 $/sign-up 80.00 $/sign-up 110.00 $/sign-up
1 - 25 signups
26 - 100 signups
101 - 299 signups
more than 300 signups
Club7 Casino 10.00 % 15.00 % 15.00 % 20.00 %

Referral commissions

Get new Affiliates for Willis Affiliates and get a percentage of their profits. This method is perfect for webmasters and B2B businesses. The more affiliates you bring, the more you get. As simple as that.


*Casino Willis will assume $500 of negative carry over per month. Otherwise, it will be deduced from the commissions of the affiliate.

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