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Casino affiliates's duty to identify, protect data and Addendum to the agreement.

As member of the Affiliates Network, you should read along and comply with the following points together with other standard conditions mentioned in our AGREEMENT with you. Therein you undertook the following commitments

  1. A clear and expressed consent of the proposed addresses is needed before sending out any communication of this kind. Said consent shall be granted by a consent mechanism included in the participation. For instance, the proposed addresses could tick a box indicating that they are willing to receive marketing communication promoting goods and third party services from you. Said box shall not be previously ticked.

  2. Said communication shall specify that it is trading our websites and/or services

  3. Should that communication include any promotional sales (for instance, the payout of free chips to potential players or any promotional game), the promotion or game shall be clearly identified as such as well as the conditions the potential player shall comply with. The promotion or game conditions shall be expressed clearly and unambiguously in said communication

  4. Said communications shall not be sent to individuals under 18 years old or under the legal age, in case it is over 18, in the countries where the proposed addresses of any communications of this kind live

  5. Said communications shall only promote us, our services and/or our websites (and not any third party, third party services and/or third party websites) and shall not include any content other than our marketing materials

  6. The communication shall include a real name (for instance, in the "From" header in any e-mail) and not a sales pitch or marketing message. Any communication of this kind shall be identified clearly as sender of the communication and you shall not forge or try to hide your identity in any way whatsoever

  7. You shall not deceive the addresses regarding the content and purpose of said communication

  8. The communication shall include a valid address for the addresses to answer to unsubscribe from future marketing communications

  9. It shall carry out immediately any request of unsubscription/subscription by any addressee of the communication. No marketing communication shall be sent to any individual who indicates (in any way) that they do not want to continue receiving marketing communications from then on

  10. A real business address shall be included in all communications of this kind;

  11. Said communications shall include a link to the privacy policies;

  12. No communication of this kind shall be sent to any individual who has been recorded in any proper registry of individuals who do not want to receive marketing communications

  13. You shall consider a data protection option in each jurisdiction since there might be other options or security levels of protection elsewhere even though you comply with the ones for your country.

Moreover, you are responsible for guaranteeing that your communication practices comply with all the standards and conduct codes applicable including the following

European directives 95/46 on individuals protection regarding personal data processing.

European directives 2002/58 on digital privacy and communications as well as any local regulation applicable on digital marketing relationships in the European Union.

CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Public Law No. 108-187) of the United States regarding digital marketing in the United States. Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Data applicable in Spain.

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